• Whistler Skating Club Head Coach Dianne Diamond
    HEAD COACH: Dianne Diamond

    "I absolutely love instilling the joy of skating in children. I am continually rewarded when I see my students perfectly executing an important skill, and wearing a broad smile each time they attain a goal on which they have been working so hard."

  • Whistler Skating Club Coach Katia Barton

    COACH: Katia Barton

    “I have been skating my whole life! …and to be able to pass on my passion to so many young skaters is a wonderful experience for me. I really connect with the skaters as they progress and grow up each year. I will push and I will encourage and together we will enjoy and improve! “


  • Whistler Skating Club Coach Erica Horie

    COACH: Erica Horie

    “I started skating at a very young age and joined my local figure skating club when I was five years old. Dance was always my favourite part of figure skating. I also joined a synchronized skating team when I was an adult. I enjoy all aspects of coaching and the best part is watching the young skaters improve throughout the year!”