Where do I buy skates & clothing?
  • Skaters’ Edge Boutique 
Located in Coquitlam on Schoolhouse Road (near Toys ‘R Us and The Cactus Club), Skaters’ Edge is a full service figure skate shop with skates and clothing for all beginning and competitive skaters. The staff is very friendly & knowledgeable with outstanding service. Visit the store in person and tell them Susan sent you! Closed on Mondays & Holidays. www.skatersedgeshop.com
  • Cyclone Taylor Figure Skating
Located in Vancouver near Oakridge Centre at Oak & 49th Avenue (adjacent to Cyclone Taylor Sports). This full-service shop serves skaters of all ages and abilities, sells used, as well as new skates and is open 7 days a week. www.cyclonetaylorfigskate.com
  • Sportstop
: Located in Whistler Village (across from Tapley’s) has an excellent selection of recreational skates suitable for CanSkaters of all ages!
  • Other retailers who stock dresses, skirts & tights: Duck Feet Enterprises: 1447 Marine Drive, West Vancouver, BC V7T 1B8  (604) 925-1131 or The Dance Shop: 1061 Marine Drive, North Vancouver, BC V7P 1S6  (604) 985-4316
  • You may wish to order or view catalogues on-line such as: Jerry’s Skating World: www.jerryskate.com or SixO Activewear: www.sixoactivewear.com

What is appropriate dress for preschool, CanSkate & Pre-Power?

Skaters who are learning to skate for the first time need to be warm and dry as they spend a lot of time ON the ice. Snow pants and warm mitts are essential. Padding is also recommended for those who are just learning. Padding should be flexible and secure on the area it is intended to protect. You may have rollerblading or volleyball pads, you may even wish to cut up an old yoga mat!

Helmets are mandatory for preschool, CanSkate, Pre-Power & CanPOWERSkate. Please make sure that your child’s helmet fits securely and will not slip back should they fall face first on the ice.

How often and where should I get skates sharpened?

Skates should be sharpened after every 20 – 24 hours of skating at Skaters’ Edge or Cyclone Taylor Figure Skating.

What do I need for my first Competition?

1. Dress or competition outfit:

  • Also wear to simulation competitions
  • Undershirt for warmth
  • New tights – 2 pairs (inside the skates and footless)
  • White (black for boys) sweater (for competition only)
  • New white (black for boys) gloves (for competition only)

2. Skates:

  • Polish (if really dirty, use a cleaner like Vim)
  • Use Magix white spray polish if necessary
  • Check laces and replace worn laces if necessary
  • Sharpen 3 weeks prior to competition and if skating more often, then closer to the competition

3. Hair:

  • Girls in a bun and use LOTS of gel and spray with a hairnet
  • Scrunchie matching dress
  • Boys should have neat hair and use hair product to keep in place

4. Skate Bag:

  • Bring your dress/outfit and sweat in a garment bag
  • Extra dress/outfit and tights if needed
  • Hair spray
  • Guards
  • Water Bottle
  • Healthy snacks

5. Music:

  • Keep a competition copy in your garment bag
  • Make a copy of your music for your self and your coach
  • Hand in CD during registration process
  • Each competition has a different requirement for music so please consult www.skatininbc.com prior to your competition

6. Competition:

  • Arrive 1 hours prior to event with hair and makeup done
  • When registering, confirm the location of the start list and if the event is running on time
  • Check in with your coach

7.  Dressing Room:

  • Parents are not allowed in the dressing room
  • Go to the washroom before putting on you competition outfit

8.  Warm up:

  • You will do a warm up with your coach so bring athletic shoes
  • Put your skates on one group before you skate

9.  After your performance:

  • Remove your skates but keep your competition outfit on
  • Check for your results once posted (approximately 20 to 60 minutes after your performance)
  • 1st to 6th place will receive a reward
  • In you place in the top 6, put your skates on for the presentation
  • Confirm with registration where the presentation ceremony takes place

10.  Pick up your music at the end of your performance