Jobs – Program Assistant

What is a Program Assistant (PA)?

SKATE CANADA Coaches are the primary teaching resource in your club and Program Assistants assist in the delivery of the program. Program Assistants will receive annual and ongoing training. The Program Assistants duties include:

  1. Assisting the SKATE CANADA Coach to deliver the program on and off ice
  2. Demonstrating skills and teaching progressions
  3. Supervising practice time
  4. Leading warm ups and cool downs under the direction of the SKATE CANADA Coach
  5. Reinforcing learned skills
  6. Handing out awards and incentives (ribbons, stickers, badges, etc)
  7. Taking attendance
  8. Assisting with on ice circuits
  9. Providing individual and group assistance
  10. Acting as a role model for young skaters
How Can I Become a Program Assistant?

Coaches select Program Assistant candidates who demonstrate:

  1. Helping nature
  2. Patience with others around them
  3. An ability to communicate ideas clearly
  4. Reliability
  5. A sense of commitment to tasks
  6. Qualities of a good role model
  7. Ability to lead activities in a creative, enthusiastic manner

In addition, the candidates should ideally be 12 years of age or older and have passed the Preliminary Free Skate Test. This is important because parents have told us that they prefer their children to be guided by SKATE CANADA Coaches