HEAD COACH: Dianne Diamond

Head Coach: Dianne Diamond

Skating is in my blood. I was born with the passion to skate and, at 7 years old, the love of skating caught hold of me and has never let go. I came by it naturally, my father was owned by the Toronto Maple Leafs and traded to Montreal Canadians in the early 1950’s and chose marriage over playing on the Canadian Olympic Team.

We had a lot of fun skating together on the backyard rink he built for me and my brothers to practice on. It was obvious we had shared a similar passion for fast blades and deep edges.

My love of skating was so strong that my parents had no choice but to put me in lessons. Luckily, my first coach and coach for many years was 100% dedicated to developing champions. From the age of 8 to 18 years, I had an unwavering desire to be on Canada’s National Skating Team. Success happened in 1980 and 1981, being a member of the Canadian International Team, placing 3rd at the Canadian Junior Championships two years in a row, and attaining triple gold test status in figures, competitive skating, and free skate. From 13 years of age to the end of my competitive career, I trained up to 7 hours a day, 6 days a week under the tutelage of Canada’s best coaches. This brought nothing but joy to my heart. I thank my parents for their years’ of commitment to feed my passion.

Seeking balance in my life, I retired and turned my focus to education. With several years of concentrated effort I graduated from Queen’s University with a B.A. and then a M.A. in Sport Sociology and Sport Administration. It was during my time at Queen’s that I began my coaching career with the Kingston Skating Club, and the Queen’s University Varsity skating team. During the summer months, my own coaches, Ellen Burka and Osborne Colson, welcomed me back to coach alongside them at the Toronto Cricket Club. One day, while studying for final exams, I received a phone call from Italy asking me if I was interested in moving there to coach. Jumping on this opportunity, I spent 14 months in Northern Italy setting up a new skating club, coaching potential champions, and training one of their National level skaters.

Reflecting on my coaching during the last three decades, I absolutely love instilling the joy of skating in children. I am continually rewarded when I see my students perfectly executing an important skill, and wearing a broad smile each time they attain a goal on which they have been working so hard. I am so fortunate to have skating in my life and believe it is a sport that teaches our children so many valuable life skills. It presented me with opportunities I would never have had otherwise and the structure of sport in Canada still gives skaters those same opportunities. Skaters achieve a great sense of accomplishment, have doors opened to the world of music, dance and travel, and best of all, build their self-esteem along with wonderful friendships.

Dianne and the Junior Development Team 2013

Dianne and the Junior Development Team 2013