Private Coaching

At the Whistler Skating Club individual private coaching is recommended and available to skaters who have graduated from the Junior Development program and entering the Silver and Gold level of skating.

The coaches at the Whistler Skating Club are Skate Canada-certified and provide instruction in a variety of skills including, free skating, ice dancing, skills and interpretative.

How to arrange private coaching:

The two coaches of the Club work as a team.  All private coaching is arranged directly with these coaches. You are welcome to contact the Head Coach to schedule a time to meet with both coaches to discuss your child’s skating goals and scheduling.

Paying for Lessons:

Fees for private lessons vary depending upon the coaches’ qualifications. Generally, you can expect to pay from $12 – $15 per fifteen-minute session. Coaches are paid directly by the skater or parent and you should discuss payment methods directly with the coach.

Parents Expectations of the Coach:

The coaches, the skater and the parent will discuss goals and expectations. Together, a general plan for the skater will be establish that works towards achieving these goals. Trust the coaches to work out the day-to-day lesson plans, as they know best how to teach the element and in what order they should be learned.

Coaches Expectations of the Skater:

It is expected that skaters will be on time for their lessons and ready to give their best effort. If unable to make a lesson, due to other commitments or illness, please notify the coaches as soon as possible.  The coaches appreciate a 24 hour notice but understand circumstances that arise last minute.   You will be charged for a missed lesson should adequate notice not be provided.

Please pay your coach in a timely manner. Coaches may stop giving lesson for non-payment of overdue invoices.

Music and A Solo Program:

If you are taking a free skate or interpretive test, or want to participate in competitions, you will need a solo program. You will work closely with both coaches to select music that is appropriate to your skills, skating style and level. The coaches together will decide which coach will choreograph the program. Your coach will choreograph your program to suit the music and meet the technical requirements of the event or test.  A fee to have your music edited, or selected will be charged. You will be billed for the time to choreograph the solo.

Coaching and Tests:

After completing the Junior Development program, a skater’s progress can be measured through a series of tests in free skating, ice dancing, skills and interpretive.  The coaches will tell you what the requirements are for a particular test and determine when you are ready to attempt it. When you test, a coach will be present to provide guidance.

Whistler Skating Club holds test days twice a year, generally towards the end of a session (fall and spring).

You will be required to pay a fee to the Club to test, which covers the cost of running the tests and bringing in a Skate Canada certified evaluator. You will also be required to pay for your coach’s time during the test.

Coaching and Competitions:

The skaters of the Whistler Skating Club attend two to three competitions a year.  A club coach will attend the competition with the skaters.  Both the Club and the parents who have children competing cover the coaches’ expenses for travel, hotel and meals. Each competing skater will be billed for the coaching time.