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Registration online for the CanSkate & PreCanSkate Fall 2016 session at  See page 59 of the RMOW Recreation Guide for more details.

For all applications you will be required to complete and return this Waiver Form. Please mail to Box 373, or drop in our drop box at Meadow Park Arena.



Registration Form: WSC_CanSKATE_Registration Spring 2016
Registration Form: WSC_PreCanSkate_Registration Spring 2016

Registration Form: WSC_CanSKATE_Registration Winter 2016
Registration Form: WSC_PreSchool_Registration Winter 2016

Registration Form: WSC_PRE PowerSKATE_ Registration Winter 2016
Registration Form: WSC_HockeySkills_Registration Winter 2016

Competitive Skate
Registration Form:WSC_GOLD_Registration2015

2015/16 Schedule
2015-16 Ice Schedule